Maile T
Luis from LB Rodent Proofing Expert is the best! We've been having rat issues for awhile. We tried multiple places and were disappointed because they weren't giving us the information that we needed. Those places wanted to trap first instead of sealing the house. LB Rodent Proofing Expert offered a free estimate, which was a big plus for us because the other places charged us about $100 just to look. Luis went above and beyond! He came prepared to work, fully covered and protected. He took pictures of the attic, crawl space, areas that needed to be taken care of (places that needed to covered up), and explained to us how he can take care of these issues. After he sealed up the house and set up the traps, only 1 was caught the following day. We are now going into week 3 and we haven't had any problems. He also offers a warranty (definitely get the warranty) and other services that he can do. Luis is very professional and knows what he's doing. I would definitely recommend LB Rodent Proofing Expert to take care of your rodent problems!
James L
LB Rodent Proofing has helped us prevent critters from coming into our house and cleared the existing ones out. I reached out to LB Rodent Proofing to help us with our rodent problem in the attic, unbeknownst to me, it was a larger issue than I had suspected. Luis w/ LB Rodent Proofing showed me pictures of the attic, the crawl space and everything that had an issue. I appreciated the courtesy he extended in showing pictures of the areas that needed work. A previous company who came out did not show me the issues and wanted to trap first and then seal the holes. Luis has been professional and courteous the entire time, wearing feet protectors while in my house and making sure he is mindful of anything around him as he climbs up his ladder through the attic. The work is also warrantied and Luis has been punctual with his follow up appointments. The only gripe (not worthy of losing a star) is that he does not accept credit cards. I have no issue with check or cash, however I am not everyone and there will be people who will need to utilize a credit card for this type of service. I would highly recommend service from this company and wish them continued success.
Bert W
LB Rodent Proofing had a professional out to my house within a day. Luis was very competent and agile (getting into my attic requires some contortionist moves) and quickly assessed the situation.
Karen M
Very pleased to work with LB Rodent Proofing Expert! Luis's Team came to my house because I had a serious problem with rodents. They were very professional and polite from the beginning of the job all the way to the end. They answered all my questions. They even explained all the details of the process to get rid of the rodents. Which was very helpful. They even cleaned up my house so when I returned it looked like they didn't even work on my house! It was insane how detail oriented they really are. I totally recommend them to anyone whose having issues with rodents. Thank you again Luis and your team at LB Rodent!
Miriamm D
excellent service work very clean they are very responsible as well I would totally recommend them I had a basement I needed to work to be done on and their job was great, also experts in rodent proofing overall a great team.